$A is for Agilent

Thank you so much for becoming an early adopter of “A Ticker A Day”. I have also started a Twitter account where you can follow along at @a_ticker.

I will kick things off tomorrow with my first decision: $10 to VTSAX/VTI or $10 of Agilent stock?

Just a heads up to my free subscribers (there are a LOT of you, thank you!) in order to see tomorrow’s issue and analysis you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Why become a paid subscriber?

Each business day I am planning to send an email with:

  • my thought process for evaluating the company and its stock

  • links to what I read during my research

  • my decision on whether to buy the stock or the index, and reasoning

  • the name of the stock for the next day

Each month I am planning to send a recap email with:

  • overall performance to date

  • updates on companies I am still tracking

  • more interesting approaches to research as I develop them (likely involving automation and custom software)

  • a lot of great book recommendations to go deeper on the companies, managements, and industries we are learning about together

Hopefully, this will serve as a thought provoking learning process with some skin in the game. Will you join me?